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Thursday, July 20, 2006

thanks for comments

thanks alot for your comments .... some one said welcome back .. i'm so new in blogs by the way i never wrote one before. and i don't know if there's any other called farida..

for that anonymous who called him self or her self "familiar stranger"
your comment is so true.. we always try to change each other in relations which spoils relatioship instead of fixing it ... about "westerners" .. they are different they are open minded .. but some times when you really look at their stories and showes you find it's the same around the world .. men are men and women are women ...

i love some comment "queen rania of jordan" made in oprah show.. she said what it means.. that all women around world have the same needs and requests what ever their countries what ever their languages there are basic needs for the woman like the happiness for her children or feeling secure as an example .. which is so true ..

i hoped some one send me about arabian wonderful couple .. cause i believe that it's not a base to be experienced to be an open minded and it's not a base to live in a free country to be free in your self

i adore people and i see that every person god had made.. what ever he's is .. what ever his manners or thoughts .. even silly ones ... deserve to be considered cause each person is a life him self... is a story to learn from ... and they are too too many stories to count but i believe that there's some one who can give me hope in love .. i haven't seen him yet but i believe in god.

thanks for your comment again hope i didn't talk so much .. it took me any how..



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